When visiting Two Harbors, Minnesota, not only are you treated to stunning views of Lake Superior, but you also have the opportunity to savor a diverse array of local dining. In this guide, we will explore some recommended places for food and drinks that seamlessly blend flavor and ambiance for a delightful dining experience. With many offerings near the Country Inn of Two Harbors, your stay is sure to be extra special.


Cedar Coffee Company

Cedar Coffee Company offers a variety of beverages and food, including coffee, tea, hot chocolate, smoothies, beer, wine, breakfast items, salads, snacks, cold and hot sandwiches, flatbreads, and a kids menu. Situated at Spokengear Cyclery & Outdoor amid a tranquil forest in Two Harbors, it’s a unique spot to gather with friends, discuss bikes, and appreciate the peaceful surroundings. Additionally, Cedar Coffee Company features a dog-friendly patio, providing a welcoming space for patrons to enjoy their offerings with their furry companions.

White Pine Market

White Pine Market is your go-to for a delightful blend of espresso, bakery treats, and specialty drinks. Indulge in the goodness of on-site roasted coffee beans that promise a satisfying experience. You will also find a small shopping market with a curated selection of items from various vendors, adding a unique touch to your shopping experience. Whether you’re craving a rich coffee or doing some shopping, White Pine Market is your destination


Vanilla Bean Restaurant: Elegance Meets Local Flavor

At Vanilla Bean, you’ll discover a variety of delicious options, from our signature Oven-Baked Omelets to Swedish Pancakes with Lingonberries and more. Whether you’re into a Bacon Wrapped Mini Doughnut Bloody Mary or Award-Winning Soups and Sandwiches, we promise great flavor, value, and top-notch service. Housed in a historic building, Vanilla Bean provides a refined yet comfortable atmosphere, with a menu curated from locally sourced ingredients. Enjoy a delightful culinary experience at Vanilla Bean Restaurant!

Lou’s Fish House: Fresh Seafood by the Harbor

For those with a penchant for fresh seafood, Lou’s Fish House is a notable destination. Located in close proximity to the harbor, this establishment specializes in serving locally caught fish and seafood delicacies. The maritime ambiance further enhances the authenticity of the dining experience, whether opting for their renowned fish and chips or a comprehensive seafood platter. They will be reopening for the season in May of 2024. 

North Shore Pizza Cafe: Relaxed Atmosphere, Exceptional Pizzas

North Shore Pizza Cafe beckons those seeking a laid-back yet satisfying meal. Offering a variety of creative toppings and specialty pizzas, this establishment is ideal for families, groups, or individuals in search of a comforting slice after a day of exploration.

Rustic Inn Cafe: Homestyle Comfort Cuisine

Rustic Inn Cafe is the epitome of homestyle comfort, providing a welcoming space for classic American comfort food. Whether enjoying fluffy pancakes for breakfast or savoring a hearty burger for lunch, the cafe exudes warmth and familiarity, creating a genuine homestyle dining experience.

McQuade’s Pub & Grill: Big Burgers, Big Flavors

McQuade’s Pub & Grill is where you’ll find the famous Big McQuade burger! They offer a variety of dishes, from burgers, wraps, and sandwiches to steaks, fish, and pasta. You can also enjoy handcrafted cocktails and locally brewed beers. Keep an eye out for their specials, too. It’s a great spot to have a tasty meal and a good time!


Castle Danger Brewery: Craft Beer Excellence

Nestled in downtown Two Harbors with a scenic view of Lake Superior, Castle Danger Brewery invites you to enjoy their current beer offerings and rotating releases. Whether you prefer a pint or a flight, the taproom is the perfect spot. During the summer, relax on the patio and savor the fresh breeze from Lake Superior. While they don’t have a restaurant, you can munch on snacks while enjoying your drinks. Feel free to order food from local restaurants or grab a to-go order for a complete experience.

Tipsy Mosquito Wine and Spirit Bar: Elevating the Bar Experience

Adding to the sophistication of downtown Two Harbors is the Tipsy Mosquito Wine and Spirit Bar. Nestled in beautiful downtown Two Harbors, this full-service bar offers an upscale, elevated experience in a cozy lounge-type atmosphere. With an extensive selection of wines and spirits, it provides the perfect setting for those seeking a refined and intimate evening out.


In the heart of Two Harbors, you’ll find dining spots that truly represent the town’s food scene. From fancy to classics, each place has its own special way of showing off local flavors. No matter where you choose to eat, you’re in for a memorable and satisfying experience, surrounded by the unique charm of Two Harbors.

To enhance your Two Harbors experience, make sure to elevate your stay by booking accommodations with Country Inn Two Harbors. Nestled in the heart of the town, Country Inn offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere, providing a perfect retreat after a day of exploration. With comfortable rooms, friendly service, and convenient amenities, your visit is sure to be extra special when you choose Country Inn Two Harbors as your home away from home.