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We have the Snow!



It’s an early start to outdoor winter activities with over 30” of snowfall in the past two weeks!


Snowmobiling is underway with the CJ Ramstad/North Shore State Trail being groomed twice each week. The large amount of snowfall has hampered the freezing of swamps and low-lying areas. The sub-zero temps this week will really help to freeze these problem areas.


We expect that after this cold weather the local snowmobile club will be able groom the spur trails into Two Harbors. Presently the spur trails are rideable but they should be in better shape after this cold snap. There is always the option of trailering 7 miles west of town on Cty. Hwy. 2 to the parking lot of the State Trail.


So far we’re getting good feedback from our guests that have gone out riding. Expect “early season conditions” until the clubs have a chance to continue their efforts.

We’ll be posting more information here and on our Facebook page as conditions improve.

We do offer various discounts for snowmobilers – please call the hotel direct at 218-834-5557


Update: 12/12/19

MN DNR Trail Snow Depth:


Trail conditions for the CJ Ramstad/North Shore State Trail:

Snow depth guide

snow depth map snow depth legend



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