The winter season is a great time for a weekend vacation up the north shore. Whether you like to spend your time inside staying warm or getting adventurous out in the snow, there’s something for everyone. While visiting us in Two Harbors, we implore you to check out a few of the most popular destinations in the area!

7 places to stop along the north shore

Minnesota winters are sort of like being caught in a snow globe and there’s so much to see and do while you’re here. Some of our favorite places include:

1. The scenic overlooks on Lake Superior

While you’re driving along High 61 (aka the Scenic Route), there are numerous scenic overlooks that you can pull over to to check out. Each spot will give you a unique look at Lake Superior and all of the beauty that surrounds it! 

Check out this map for more details.

2. The state parks

If you are someone who’s on the more adventurous side, then you’ll want to check out our beautiful, snow-covered state parks. While they are amazing in the spring, summer, and fall, there’s something magical and peaceful about them in the winter! Not only are they visually appealing, but they offer a unique opportunity to go snowshoeing, and you can check out some of the frozen waterfalls as well as the various scenic overlooks for you to rest and wonder at! Some of our favorites include:

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3. Castle Danger Brewery

If you’re looking for ways to spend some fun times inside, then you’re definitely going to want to head over to Castle Danger Brewery where they “craft the north shore experience.” Their taproom is filled with locally-crafted beers with $1 off pints from 4-9:00 pm on Tuesdays and live music every Friday and Saturday night! They also have fun merchandise for you to bring home to remember your trip by and you can take some of your favorite brews with you. 

While they don’t have food there they serve specifically, you are welcome to bring in any of your own food to enjoy!

4. Agate Bay Beach

Not only is Agate Bay a beautiful beach to check out, but on a particularly chilly morning, you can see sea smoke drifting ominously over Lake Superior during the cold winter months. Not only is it a mystical sight to see, but it makes for awesome pictures if you’re an avid photographer!

5. The Purple Lotus Spa

If your goal is to relax while you’re staying in Two Harbors, MN, then you’ll want to add the Purple Lotus Spa to your itinerary. Not only do they offer a variety of therapeutic services, but they also have a cute store where you can buy a variety of things to take home like oils, lotions, candles, and more!

6. Some of our favorite local shops

Shopping in Two Harbors, MN is not only fun but will ensure you go home with some new stuff that you can only find here when you visit us! Some of our favorite places to stop include:

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7. Top restaurants in Two Harbors, MN

Finally, you’ll need to make sure you’re well-fed throughout your trip! There are a variety of great local restaurants available in and around Two Harbors for you to visit, but here are some of our favorites:

For more restaurants, check out this article!

Do you still need to find the right place to stay for your winter vacation? Contact us to book your lodging at the Country Inn of Two Harbors while you visit. We’re conveniently located near all of the above-listed must-see spots and have a relaxing pool and sauna to use and enjoy as well as a cozy lobby to warm up in. We offer AAA, AARP, and senior discounts, and children under 18 stay free!