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Top Five Attractions Near Two Harbors

Welcome to Two Harbors! As you probably already know, Minnesota’s north shore of Lake Superior is the place to discover natural beauty with forest, rivers, and of course, the lakeshore. Stay with us at the Country Inn at Two Harbors and enjoy this region any time of year.


Here are our top picks for state parks, forests, and recreation areas in the region. 

Gooseberry Falls State Park

13.4 Miles From Country Inn of Two Harbors  (~ 18 Minute Drive) 

Gooseberry Falls 

Gooseberry Falls State Park is considered the gateway to the North Shore. It features waterfalls and a river gorge, along with a shoreline on Lake Superior. Trails lead to spectacular views of the upper, middle, and lower sections of the falls rushing through the gorge. 


The shoreline features Picnic Flow, an ancient lava flow. Picnic facilities are offered in the park along with a Visitor Center.


This park is open all year, and if you still get here this winter, snowshoeing is a popular winter sport!


Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

20.5 Miles From Country Inn of Two Harbors  (~ 26 Minute Drive)

Split Rock Lighthouse

The lighthouse at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park is one of the most popular on the lake. It is also one of the most photographed lighthouses. It is perched on a 310-foot cliff overlooking the lake. Its Fresnel lens with 370,000 candlepower guided ships to safety from 1910 until 1969 when it was deactivated.


The lighthouse is now open to the public during the summer. It is managed by the Minnesota Historical Society with tours of the Fog Signal Room, three lighthouse keepers’ cottages, and the Visitor Center.


Split Rock Lighthouse State Park has many trails. One of our favorites is the Gitchi-Gami Trail that runs from nearby Gooseberry Falls State Park to the city of Silver Bay. You can hike sections of the trail with access to parking in many areas. This park also features Fat Bike trails open all year!

Tettegouche State Park

20.5 Miles From Country Inn of Two Harbors  (~ 26 Minute Drive)

Shovel Point

Even more spectacular waterfalls highlight Tettegouche State Park along Lake Superior. The Baptism River features High Falls that cascade down the river from 60 feet. Trails lead through the park to inland lakes stocked with three species of trout.


This park is open all year with a Visitor Center and campgrounds.


Temperance River State Park

54.1 Miles From Country Inn of Two Harbors (~1 Hour Drive)

Hike trails to Hidden Falls and the upper and lower bridges that span the river for spectacular views of the falls. The Temperance River empties into Lake Superior at the southern part of the park. It was named somewhat ironically since the river does not form a bar at its mouth!


Hiking trails at Temperance River State Park also lead to Carlton Peak. This park is open all year, and it is popular with snowmobile riders since it features open terrain over hilly trails.


Black Beach Park

29.9 Miles From Country Inn of Two Harbors (~39 Minute Drive)

Black Beach


This is a new park on the shore of Silver Bay near the city of the same name. The black sand on the beach comes from tailings for a former mine in the area. Black Beach was also known as Onyx Beach due to the nature of the sand.


The water is shallow in this area, and some even swim here in the summer! The beach area features a picnic area, and is located on a road through the city’s industrial park.


Watch for Wildlife!

All the parks feature a wide variety of wildlife. You may spot fox, red squirrels, white-tail deer, snowshoe hare, and even beavers in the rivers. Black bears and wolves have also been spotted nearby. But give the animals their space — park visitors are encouraged to avoid all animals. Visitors should never feed the animals, even if they approach picnic sites and campgrounds. 


The various parks’ websites offer PDF maps that you can print or download to your mobile device. The downloaded maps can be used in the parks if your WiFi goes spotty.


Although camping can be fun, a soak in our hot tub or a swim in our heated indoor pool is a great way to end the day. Stay with us at  Country Inn Two Harbors and relax after a day of hiking or outdoor sports. You will enjoy a room complete with flat screen TV, a microwave, refrigerator and a comfortable bed. Contact us for reservations and rates all year long to book your stay!


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