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Snowmobile trail conditions are still good!

We received some feedback from our guests this afternoon:

North Shore State Trail was great with a couple of bare spots. The Yukon Trail was in really nice shape and trails near the Trestle Inn were awesome!

Our local access trail is getting thin on snow so we recommend that you trailer 8 miles up Hwy. 2 to the snowmobile parking lot for direct access to the State Trail.


Don’t delay if you want to get one more great ride in this season. Call us direct at 218-834-5557 for special snowmobile rates.

Today’s Facebook post from the Voyageur Snowmobile Club:

Voyageur Snowmobile Club

2 hrs

Reports indicate trails are in good shape and snow covered. Thanks to a solid base, things are staying pretty flat. Take care on the corners.

Overnight temperatures have remained below freezing which has helped preserve our base, but have also reduced lubrication so keep your speeds down to remain safe. The hard conditions have also taken a toll on one of our groomers. After spending $1200 we hope to have it up and running on Thursday.

We need some sticky snow for lubrication (The groomer needs more.) and to make the trails perfect again.


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