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Snowmobile trail conditions- March 2020

snowmobile trail sign outside two harbors minnesota


Late season conditions best describe our trail conditions after the recent warm weather. Fortunately we have cooler temps on the way especially at night which will permit trail grooming to continue.


At this time the local access trail from our hotel, and Two Harbors, that leads to the CJ Ramstad/North Shore State Trail is in poor condition. Much like at the beginning of winter, areas right along the shore of Lake Superior have less snow cover than just five miles inland. The State trail still has a lot of snow and is in good riding condition with occasional bare spots. As you ride north it gets even better!


Until we receive more snow we’re recommending our guests trailer to the trail head parking lot 9 miles up County Hwy. 2. Also off of Hwy. 2 is the headquarters for the Voyageur Snowmobile Club. They allow trailer parking and also have pay-at-the pump gas and a security camera. This option is only 5 miles up Hwy. 2 and has a spur trail to the State trail.


We hope you can get away for a final late-season ride! Call us direct at 218-834-5557 for special snowmobile discounts.


Here is a comment from today, March 10th, from the Voyageur Snowmobile Club:


Good Morning All – Well the warm weather is having an impact on our trails but we are still grooming where conditions allow.  Presently the corridor trails east and west from Two Harbors to the State Trail is in very poor shape and would not recommend that your riders/customers attempt to ride them as we have suspended grooming due to bare spots, icy spots and overall lack of snow.


North of Two Harbors trails are still in pretty good condition but caution is recommended as again there are icy spots and lack of snow on some corners.  You can have them trailer north on Hwy 2 to the Clubs Headquarters building 5 miles from town (Old Dixie) as we have parking/fuel available and a good Spur Trail to the State Trail plus access to the Yukon Trail.


Wednesday the Yukon will have been groomed from the State Trail all the way to Isabella/fuel available.  Riders can also trailer to the State Parking lot 8 miles north of Two Harbors on Hwy 2 with easy access to the State Trail – No fuel at this location.


As the warm weather continues the trail system will become less and less of a positive experience for riders/customers but right now, riding is still good other than the town corridor trails.


Also from today is a report from the local DNR that was obtained on social media:


We are hoping to continue grooming but its’ going to be week to week and then day to day. We did not groom last Sunday night as it was too warm. However, we have two groomers rolling as I type. Today we are grooming from Finland down to Duluth. We are planning to have 4 groomers out this Thursday – Sunday and the weather looks favorable. As you witnessed, the conditions are better to the north, no surprise. My gut feeling is that the trail should be in pretty good shape in a week and half. Your best bet is to touch base next Tuesday or Wednesday for an update.


Another update from the Voyageur Snowmobile Club on Wednesday, March 11th:


The trail from VSC World Headquarters was groomed yesterday afternoon and the operator said the trail is in great shape.

In looking at the forecast, the last warm day during the day should be Thursday with a slight chance of snow. If you come up to enjoy some late season riding, bring good carbides and scratchers and have some fun.



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