Are you looking for the best hiking trails near Two Harbors, MN? Minnesota’s North Shore features some of the most magnificent hiking trails you wouldn’t want to miss if you love hiking. The North Shore is a hiking paradise running from Two Harbors to the Canadian Border. Here are the top 5 hiking trails up the North Shore to check out. 

Discover the Bean and Bear Lake Loop 

Are you looking to explore big views with huge hills? The Bean and Bear Lake Loop features many hike options, including a loop, a there-and-back hike trail, and a point-to-point hike trail. Regardless of the hiking trail option you choose, you’ll climb up the ridge line and follow it along the southwest side of the Bean and Bear lakes. 

Located near Silver Bay, MN, this superior hiking trail is considered a moderately challenging trail and will take you approximately three hours to complete. The Bean and Bear Lake Loop is a popular hiking and walking trail, so you’re most likely going to encounter other people. Consider exploring the trail from May all the way to October to have a fantastic experience. 

Length: About 7 miles 

Difficulty: A difficult trail 

Location: Near Silver Bay, Minnesota 

Visit Shovel Point 

Shovel Point offers unobstructed views of Lake Superior up close and personal. It’s a fairly quick hiking trail that runs about half a mile with multiple overlooks – a must-do hike if you’re stopping at Tettegouche State Park. Apart from the visitor center, you’ll also have access to the beach and picnic areas. 

The Shovel Point’s trailhead is situated behind the visitor center. Upon reaching the starting point of Shovel Point just off Highway 61, you’ll have countless opportunities to overlook cliffs such as the Palisade Head cliffs on the south and Crystal Bay on the north. 

Length: About 0.6 miles 

Difficulty: Easy to maneuver 

Location: Silver Bay, Minnesota, behind the visitor center 

Explore the White Sky Rock 

Hiking through the White Sky Rock trail offers a quick workout coupled with tremendous views of Caribou Lake and a thick maple forest. You’ll follow a short trail across the road you just came from, cross the road, and follow the hiking trail that leads uphill into the woods. It’s a fairly short trail, but you’ll have to go up a 230-foot elevation gain. You’ll enjoy a classic sunrise experience with a beautiful outlook, especially in early fall. 

Length: About half a mile 

Difficulty: Moderate trail 

Location: Near Lutsen, Minnesota 

Explore the Fantasia Overlook Hiking Trail 

Fantasia Overlook is an incredible forest trail of about a 5-7 mile hike featuring outstanding views to enjoy along the way; from the changing trees to exceptional sunsets, rivers, and the like. You’ll experience basically every outstanding hiking view that Minnesota has to offer. 

If you’re looking for a fantastic hiking experience, consider visiting the Fantasia Overlook hiking trail during fall or in spring just before the leaves pop. You’ll experience the beautiful views of the Tettegouche State Park and Lake Superior along the way. 

Length: 5-7 miles 

Difficulty: Moderately challenging 

Location: Silver Bay, Minnesota 

Climb Up the Oberg Mountain Trail 

Hiking the Oberg Mountain trail offers you a photogenic landscape with incredible lookouts over the popular Superior National Forest. It’s a moderate hiking trail with about a three-mile loop that will take you on an outstanding ridge over Oberg Lake and Lake Superior. 

The Oberg Mountain trail begins with a climb of about 230ft before arriving at the top of the mountain. Once you reach the top, you can head either way as the trail loops all around the top. If you want to experience the fall colors, consider exploring the mountain trail in the autumn months. However, the trail is fantastic all year round, and you can also explore it in spring, summer, and winter. 

Length: About 2-3 miles 

Difficulty: Moderately challenging with open rock cliffs and steep mountain climbs 

Location: Tofte Township, Minnesota 55615 

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